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The Cook's Nook History

Learn more about the 30+ year history of family-owned + operated - The Cook's Nook!

November 1988

Where it all began...

Priscilla Smith opened the doors to The Cook's Nook! After many year of being a home-maker, she decided that young women in the McPherson community needed help with bridal registry. In short, she wanted to help those who were preparing to begin a new and exciting phase of life.

September 1995

Moving right along...

After outgrowing the original space, it was time to move to a bigger bulding! The Cook's Nook was started in the buliding that is now home to Artshirt Gear for Sport at 211 N Main. 

September 1996

After living in Kansas City for a few years, Jonna made her way back home to help out at the store!