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Frieling Sous Vide
Frieling Sous Vide
Frieling Sous Vide

Frieling Sous Vide


Whether you have cooked Sous Vide for years or are just looking into a way to approach this formidable sounding technique, the Frieling Sous Vide Stick is a tool worth having. This sleek device has been designed to make your life easier with a touch-screen, rotary controlled, set of options so you can customize your temperature in 5° increments and set a cook-time up to 99 hours.

Along with its technological benefits, the Sous Vide Stick was made to attach securely to stock pots and other cooking locals so you can go about your day without worrying it will fall off, though a dip in water is not the end of the world as the Frieling device is waterproof. The device has a 5.25 gallon cooking limit, giving you the option of cooking in batches or small at home portions. Get your Sous Vide on with this amazing product from Frieling and make fancy dishes with ease!

Sous Vide Stick by Frieling Features:

  • Temperature adjustable in increments of 0.5⁰ F
  • Max. temperature of 194⁰F
  • Max. volume of up to 5.25 gallons of water
  • Timer function can be set up for up to 99 hours
  • 800 watt heating capacity
  • Voltage: 120 V/Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Attaches securely to any stock pot or container
  • Completely water-proof per IPX7 standards (submersible)
  • Touch screen with rotary control
  • Temperature adjustable in increments of 0.5⁰ F
  • Price includes sales tax.