Gifts For The Organizer + Home Cleaner

Gifts For The Organizer + Home Cleaner

Gifts For The Organizer + Home Cleaner

Do you have an organizer/home cleaning lover in your life?! We've curated this gift just for YOU!

  1. ChicWrap - These plastic, foil, and parchment paper dispenser will forever change the way you store and use these daily products! ChicWrap dispensers are refillable and have a cutting edge blade design for the perfect, clean cut every time! Click here to shop! 
  2. E-Cloth - A non-toxic cleaning experience with microfiber cloths & mops. E-Cloth has made a smarter, healthier, and simpler way to clean. You can drop the disposables and cut the chemical cleaners, E-Cloth will remove bacteria, dust, dirt and grime with the purest compound on earth: water. In a world full of excess, E-Cloth is enough. Click here to shop!
  3. OXO Pop Containers - Take your pantry organization to the next level! Pop containers provide a mix and match system to effectively organize your pantry. They also have an airtight seal to help keep dry ingredients fresh longer! Mix and match container sizes and add accessories for easy use! Click here to shop!
  4. Michel Design Works - Our TOP-SELLING cleaning products year after year! The wonderful scents and elegant design makes this line of cleaning products one you will want to keep displayed on your counter! Perfect stocking stuffer! Click here to shop! 

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Any of these items would be a perfect white elephant gift, hostess gift, stocking stuffer, friend-gift.. you really can't go wrong with this one!