Five Spice Chicken Salad

Five Spice Chicken Salad

This Asian inspired chicken salad uses cabbage for a deliciously crunchy texture. Our Black Garlic Tamari Soy Balsamic adds an unbeatable depth of flavor to this salad dressing


Prep Time:  5 minutes  - Cook Time:  20 minutes - Total Time:  25 minutes
Yield: Serves 6 - 8 servings


1 chicken breast, butterflied

1 TBSP Chinese Five Spice

1 tsp Thai Ginger Sea Salt

1/2 head napa cabbage

2 carrots

1/2 bunch cilantro

1 avocado

1/4 cup slivered almonds

1 TBSP Black Sesame Seeds

For the Dressing: 

3 TBSP Black Garlic Tamari Soy Balsamic

1 TBSP White Balsamic

2 TBSP Toasted Sesame Oil

1 TBSP Roasted Shallot Olive Oil

1 tsp Thai Ginger Sea Salt

1. Season the chicken with Five Spice & sea salt. Grill or sear until cooked throughout. Chop into 1/4" bite size pieces. 
2. Meanwhile, thinly cut the cabbage, cut the carrots, chop the cilantro and slice the avocado. 
3. In a large bowl, whisk together the dressing ingredients. Add the cabbage, carrots, cilantro, almonds, chicken and toss to coat. Arrange on a serving platter. 
4. Top the salad with sliced avocado, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Enjoy!