Introducing: Olivelle - The Art of Flavor

Introducing: Olivelle - The Art of Flavor

It is FINALLY here and we can't wait for you to learn about our new product line. Olivelle is a gourmet product line based out of Bozeman, MT, featuring a European touch, specializing in oils, vinegars, and fine foods imported from around the globe. The goal is to evoke a passion for food and flavor through the use of quality ingredients. With on tap oils and vinegars, you are sure to find flavors that inspire and simplify your cooking. 

After being in business and attending market's for over 30 years, when we discovered this amazing brand at the Chicago Houseware's show this past March, we knew that this was just the line to bring into The Cook's Nook. After a couple months of preparing the space in the store for this line and actually going to their headquarters to receive training and see where all the products are coming from, we can't wait for you to try them out.

The store before we updated the flooring: 

During the flooring remodel:

Updating the paint colors in the new Olivelle section: 

Now the hard part, waiting for the product to arrive!!

A trip to Bozeman, MT to get some more training and prepare for the line to come to the store: 

When the two 7ft tall pallets of product arrived at the store:

Getting the product all set up and organized in our store kitchen: 

The complete set up! We are ready for you to be amazed at the awesome Olivelle products: 


How does it work? 

  1. Stop in the store and sample from our high quality oil, vinegars, salts, rubs, and seasonings to find your next dinner inspiration.
  2. Once you have found your favorite, we'll help you to select a bottle size and fill it from our on tap system. 
  3. Find a seasoning, salt, or rub to use with your new oils and vinegars. 
  4. Pick up a recipe or two and get cooking! 
  5. Save your bottles!! Once you're ready for a refill, bring back you bottle to exchanged it for a new size or flavor and save on the glass fee. 
  • Find inspiration from hundred's of recipes crafted from Olivelle products and follow us on our blog for weekly ideas and new ways to use your favorite Olivelle products.
  • Stay tuned for the launch of Olivelle products available to shop ONLINE!