Smokehouse Dry Rubbed Ribs

Smokehouse Dry Rubbed Ribs


CATEGORY: Main | SERVINGS: 2 | PREP TIME: 30 minutes | COOK TIME: 150 minutes

Smokey, sweet, and a little bit tangy. We cooked these ribs up on our smoker, but you can make these on any BBQ, slow cooker, and even in the oven! These ribs are tender and packed with so much flavor!



  1. Prepare ribs by removing the silver skin from the underside of the rib.

  2. Rub generously with BBQ rub and salt and let sit for at least 30 minutes up to 24 hours.

  3. Set the grill or smoker to 300F and add ribs meat side up. Close the lid and cook ribs for 1 hour.

  4. Remove the ribs and cover in tin foil to prevent them from drying out. Add them back to the grill and cook for another 45 minutes.

  5. Brush ribs with half of the balsamic and cook for another 30-45 minutes or until ribs are done.

  6. Pull ribs out of foil, brush with remaining balsamic vinegar and serve.


How to Tell If Ribs Are Done:

Ribs are food safe at 145F, but are most tender and best served between 195F and 205F. Due to the bone to meat ratio in ribs, using a thermometer can be unreliable. The following tips are useful for knowing when ribs are done:

  1. Pick up one end of the ribs with a pair of tongs. They should be flexible and “bend” but do not fall apart. “Bounce” your ribs lightly. If the surface cracks, they are ready!
  2. Carefully (they’re hot!) and gently twist the end of a rib bone. If it is easily coming away from the meat the ribs are done.
  3. Using a toothpick, poke several meaty sections of the ribs. If the toothpick goes in with little/no resistance the ribs are done.